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A simple API project by Shadow Smith.

The Digimon API was originally created and deployed to Heroku for free, but due to Heroku's limited free tier, this is causing performance issues and potential drop outs. Because of this, I have chosen to dual deploy the Digimon API to Vercel while deprecating the Heroku version. This will result in superior speed and reliability.

The supported API endpoint: https://digimon-api.vercel.app/api/digimon.

The deprecated API endpoint: https://digimon-api.herokuapp.com/api/digimon.

API Calls & Endpoints

HTTP Method Endpoint What it does
GET /api/digimon Returns an array of all Digimon in our database.
GET /api/digimon/name/:name Returns an array of Digimon based on their name.
The array will contain one Digimon.
GET /api/digimon/level/:level Returns an array of Digimon based on their level.

Field reference

Field name Description Data type
name Digimon's name String
img Picture of the Digimon String
level Digimon's level String

API inspiration from Ectozone's Digidex | Pictures from Digimon Wiki.